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Sivasagar Sex Target

To compare possible eye color preferences between the populations involved in our study, we first had to establish the relative representation of eye colors in each target population. Since literature on eye color distribution either does not cover the populations we used in our study [102] or is outdated (see the maps based on old and ambiguous data in [103], or [61]), we asked the participants to self-report their own eye color. The data were compiled from a broader set of questionnaires that was based on a larger number of participants than those who participated in the current research. To approximate the eye color distribution in each population, participants were asked to select the category which best corresponds to their own eye color: black-brown, green, grey-blue, or other (see the structure of data in Table 1). Estimated variation is in line with both existing older sources [61, 104] and the European Eye Study [105], which indicates a gradual increase in the frequency of blue-eyed individuals and decrease in those with brown eyes from southern to northern Europe [102].

sivasagar sex target

The eye color of targets had a limited impact on attractiveness ratings. Blue-eyed men were perceived as more attractive than brown-eyed men by female Portuguese raters (r = -0.36, n = 60, p

To explain the pattern of correlations among different countries, we examined the relationship between HDI and facial attractiveness. We computed Kendall correlations between the HDI and values of bivariate correlations between the Czech ratings and ratings of each target country. Fig 3 shows a significant relationship for male faces (τ = 0.67, n = 9, p = 0.01, 95% CI [0.25, 1]), but not female ones (τ = 0.44, n = 9, p = 0.10, 95% CI [-0.10, 0.86]). Graphs for both sexes, however, indicate that participants in low-HDI countries disagree with Czech raters more, whereas European and Brazilian participants, i.e. raters from countries with HDI scores closer to the Czech Republic (HDI = 0.87), do converge with the Czech ratings. Only Romanian male raters are an exception: their ratings were in a relatively low agreement with Czech raters (r = 0.68, n = 60, p

Using Kendall correlation, we identified a significant relationship for (a) male (τ = 0.67, n = 9, p = 0.01, 95% CI [0.25, 1]) but not (b) female faces (τ = 0.44, n = 9, p = 0.10, 95% CI [-0.10, 0.86]). On x-axis, agreement with Czech raters is expressed by values of bivariate correlations between Czech ratings and ratings of each target country. 350c69d7ab


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