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Farmer's Crops Mizuno's 16 Craft Add-on

Besides +200 Energy and +90 Health, a Complete Breakfast also adds +50 to players' maximum energy and gives a +2 Farming Buff. The Farming buff adds to the hoe and watering can proficiency, as well as raises the quality of crops harvested while the buff is in effect. The effects of a Complete Breakfast last for only seven minutes, but it can make a huge difference during the course of a busy farmer's day.

Farmer's Crops | Mizuno's 16 Craft Add-on


What's better than soup? Especially when it's made from Coconut, Shrimp, and Common Mushrooms. The Tom Kha Soup, while it seems like the farthest thing from farmer's fare, is actually an essential meal for dedicated and busy farmers. Apart from its average health and energy buffs, Tom Kha Soup adds a +2 Farming buff, plus a +30 Max Energy buff that lasts for 7 minutes. Equipped with more energy and higher quality crops, along with better hoe and watering can proficiency, the Tom Kha Soup enables true farmers to be ready for any busy day in the dirt.

One of the most tiring parts of the early farmer's day-to-day routine is tending to crops. Before being able to harvest delicious fruits and vegetables, a dedicated farmer must make sure to water them every day, allowing them to sprout from seeds to bountiful crops. While the watering can is a trusty friend for the first few days, the moment the player is able to craft even a single sprinkler, they should take the opportunity to craft one as soon as possible!

Watering even a single crop can take some time (and energy) out of the day, so of course being able to wake up every morning to have all crops already watered and taken care of for the day is key to keeping things efficient. Take into account the different types of sprinklers and plan a plot of land accordingly to maximize efficiency. The first rendition of the sprinkler takes the fewest materials to craft but only waters four adjacent tiles. Meanwhile, the quality sprinkler and iridium sprinkler are more difficult to craft but are worth the time and will help with tending to crops in the long run!

Crops are a farmer's bread and butter and unfortunately, crows just can't keep their greedy beaks away. Ensuring all crops are flourishing and ready to be sold every morning means protecting them from nearby critters. 041b061a72


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