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Protein plays a crucial role in the growth and development of adolescents. However, being a secondary energy source, protein's role in obesity has been sidelined. We examined whether intake of protein (total, animal, plant), branched-chain (BCAAs), and sulfur-containing (SCAAs) amino acids are associated with general body and central obesity and body composition in a cross-sectional study among healthy adolescents. Students aged 12-18 years old (n = 601) in schools near two major Adventist universities in California and Michigan provided dietary data via a validated web-based food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) and anthropometric data during school visits. Intakes of total, animal, and plant proteins, and BCAAs and SCAAs were derived from FFQ data. We defined general body obesity with body-mass-index-for-age (BMIz) z-scores and central obesity with waist-to-height ratios (WHtR). After full adjustment for covariates, multiple regression analyses showed significant positive associations between intakes of total protein (β = 0.101, 95% CI: 0.041, 0.161), animal protein (β = 0.118, 95% CI: 0.057, 0.178), BCAAs (β = 0.056, 95% CI: 0.025, 0.087), and SCAAs (β = 0.025, 95% CI: 0.012, 0.038) with general body adiposity. Animal protein (β = 0.017, 95% CI: 0.001, 0.033) and SCAAs (β = 0.004, 95% CI: 0.000, 0.008) were also associated with central obesity. Total and animal protein and BCAA and SCAA were also significantly associated with fat mass. Our findings suggest that high protein intake may pose a possible detriment to adolescent health. Longitudinal and safety evaluation studies are recommended.

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Mezquititla was charged with animal cruelty by tormenting, torturing, or unnecessarily or cruelly abusing a living animal resulting in its death, and animal cruelty by using or causing or procuring the use of an animal or creature in any kind of sexual manner, the statement said.

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Richael L. Michels faces charges of sexual assault on a child, according to the arrest affidavit the Fort Collins Coloradoan newspaper posted on its website. Her husband notified the Colorado Department of Human Services in May that his wife might be having an improper online relationship with a teenage boy, the affidavit says.

Animal abuse, or animal cruelty is the crime of inflicting physical pain, suffering or death on an animal, usually a tame one, beyond necessity for normal discipline. It can include neglect that is so monstrous (withholding food and water) that the animal has suffered, died or been put in imminent danger of death.

While not all cases of animal abuse are connected with domestic abuse. It has been reported that up to 40% of domestic violence victims are unable to escape their abusers because they are concerned about what will happen to their pets when they leave; 65% of women who report prior pet abuse continue to worry for their pets' welfare long after they themselves have left.

If you notice these signs for any animal or your partner is perpetrating any of these acts, we can help. Safe Voices advocates and shelter staff want to work with victims of domestic abuse to keep their pets safe. Call our help line at 1-800-559-2927 and we will work with you for the safety of your pet.

With regard to service animals at shelter, we support and follow laws and guidelines for disabled persons and use the Maine Human Rights Act as a model for our policy. For more information, please contact

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Timing Coincides with Human Trafficking Awareness Day, Jan. 11 Officials from the Fairfax County Police, public schools, Office for Women & Domestic and Sexual Violence Services, and the Northern Virginia community gathered today to kick off a new education and prevention campaign on the topic of teen sex trafficking. Defined as the act of manipulating or forcing anyone under the

Response variability across the lifespan is an important consideration in toxicology and risk assessment, and the toxic effects of drugs and chemicals during adolescence need more research. This paper summarizes a workshop presented in March 2019, at the Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, that brought together experts in research on drug dependence and toxicity related to nicotine, cannabis, cocaine, and other illicit drugs during adolescence. The goal of the workshop was to address the following issues: (1) Do the effects of adolescent exposure differ from the same exposure in adults? (2) Are there unique biological markers of adolescent brain development? If so, what are they and how reliable are they? (3) Since multiple factors influence substance use disorder, can we disentangle risk factors for abuse and/or toxicity? What are the underlying biological susceptibilities that lead to dependence and neurotoxicity? What are the social, psychosocial and environmental factors that contribute to abuse susceptibilities? This paper reviews drug policy and national trends in adolescent substance use; the public health consequences of e-cigarettes; rat models of adolescent-onset nicotine self-administration and persisting effects of gestational nicotine; sex-dependent effects of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol on adolescent brain-behavior relationships; and translational approaches for identifying adolescent risk factors for transition to drug dependence. There is strong evidence that drug exposure prior to adulthood has longer lasting effects on behavior and the underlying neural circuitry. These effects, which are sex-dependent and influenced by stress, may be candidates as predictors of adolescent vulnerability. A major challenge to determining if adolescents have a unique susceptibility to dependence is whether and to what extent the human data allow distinction between the increased risk due to biological immaturity, an underlying biological susceptibility to dependence, or psychosocial and environmental factors for substance dependence. Factors important to consider for development of animal models include the timing and pattern of exposure as it relates to adolescence; age of assessment, and direct comparison with similar effects following exposures to adults to demonstrate that these effects are unique to adolescence. Here we provide a roadmap for further research into what makes adolescent brain development unique.

When I read this story, I felt my blood run cold. It alerted me to my vulnerability as a high school teen. I realized that we are so susceptible to being manipulated, even by adults whom we learned to trust from a young age.

In the US, there are more than four sports-related traumatic brain injuries every minute. Sports-related concussion (SRC) in youth has received heightened attention due to emerging evidence that SRCs can affect academics, behavior, and neurocognitive processes, such as working memory, concentration, processing speed, and eye and motor function. A recent Institute of Medicine report on SRCs in youth revealed how little is known about concussion in the young brain, and called for urgent attention to determine the incidence of SRCs in boys and girls by sport and demographic; research to identify unbiased, sensitive prognostic and diagnostic metrics/markers; longitudinal studies to determine outcomes; and to delineate age- and sex-related biomechanical determinants of injury risk. This innovative hypothesis-driven Bioengineering Research Grant will generate objective diagnostic tools for use in concussion (Aim 1), new technologies to translate human outcome metrics to animals to provide a human-like platform to develop and test injury treatments in the future (Aim 2), and new knowledge regarding high-risk sports settings for youth (Aim 3) that will drive safety equipment design. The most innovative feature of the study is the integration across Aims to use BOTH male and female high school students and piglets in a deliberately parallel study design to determine optimal SRC assessments and identify mechanistic relationships between sex, loading conditions, and SRC symptoms. The integration of human and animal studies which employ similar neuro-functional assessments leverages the strengths of each approach: human studies ensure the study of biofidelic physiologic processes, and animal studies allow application of specific loading conditions and outcomes not easily measured in living humans, such as neuropathology. Extensive pilot data establish feasibility and sample sizes in all Aims. In Aim 1 an unbiased numerical assessment suite for SRC will be developed and independently validated to establish ?95% sensitivity, and determine if these metrics are predictive of days-to-clearance for sports. Because the Aim 1 objective metrics are nonverbal and effort-independent, they have been ?translated? to animals and reveal human-like physical, cognitive, and sleep symptoms of SRC in animals after rapid controlled head rotations. In Aim 2, single head rotations and multiple sub-concussive rotations are computationally scaled from teens to an immature large animal model of mild TBI, to identify the effects of sex and load frequency, magnitude and direction on neuro-function, biomarkers and neuropathology. Aim 2 will identify biomechanical settings of greatest risk for the young brain. The biomechanical insights from pigs in Aim 2 are translated to teens in Aim 3, where head impact sensors are used to quantify biomechanical load exposure by sport and sex, and the relationships between load exposure and neuro-functional metrics. The proposed studies in animals and humans will have broad impact ? by reducing the healthcare burden of SRC, enhancing accurate and objective diagnosis, and identifying gender-specific prevention and intervention strategies. 041b061a72


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